Request for Proposals: Texas Nonprofit Strong Consultant

We are seeking support from a consultant to aid in the advancement of the Texas Nonprofit Strong Initiative. The outcome will be to continue to build the initiative in a hands-on manner, and transition from a partnership model between OneStar and United Ways of Texas to a coalition that encompasses a broader array of stakeholders. 

The selected consultant will play a pivotal role in accelerating the progress of the Texas Nonprofit Strong Initiative through various capacities. Overall, the consultant will be instrumental in shaping the future direction of the Texas Nonprofit Strong Initiative, fostering collaboration, and empowering nonprofits throughout Texas to thrive and create positive change in their communities. 


  • Coordinate with OneStar and United Ways of Texas staff on Texas Nonprofit Strong activities, providing strategic guidance and hands-on support to move project work forward effectively; 
  • Conduct an assessment of the current state of the Texas Nonprofit Strong Initiative; including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats; 
  • Develop and implement a 12-month plan outlining key goals, objectives, strategies, timelines and tactics to accelerate the advancement of the initiative, such as:
    • Collecting content for the Texas Nonprofit Strong newsletter, social media posts, and website; 
    • Monitoring and moderating the Texas Nonprofit Strong LinkedIn group; 
    • Providing support for the Texas Nonprofit Strong Advocacy Network which meets to develop policy priorities in advance of the Legislative Session; 
    • Identifying and engaging additional partners to expand the initiative's reach and impact; 
    • Facilitating the development of a steering committee to serve as the driving force behind the initiative, ensuring that it remains impactful and sustainable, and serve as moderator for the steering committee.


  • Facilitate the establishment of goals and benchmarks for the Texas Nonprofit Strong initiative. 
  • Monitor progress and adjust strategies as needed to ensure success. 
  • Report on progress at least quarterly, and through monthly meetings with OneStar and United Ways of Texas leadership.

The deadline for proposal submission is Monday, July 22, 2024.