The purpose of this toolkit is to make highlights from the Built for Texas report accessible to community leaders, so they can shape a productive conversation about the vital role nonprofits play and make the case for including nonprofits at relevant decision-making tables.
You can also download the complete toolkit as a PDF document.

Key Messages

  • The nonprofit sector is essential to both improving the quality of life of all Texans and making Texas an ideal place to live and work.
  • The nonprofit sector is a powerful economic driver and job creator in Texas.
  • Texas nonprofits retain and bring outside funding to serve and build Texas communities.
  • Texas nonprofits support and contribute to every one of Texas’ major industries.
  • Together, public-private partnerships foster a healthy and prosperous state.


Use these pre-written templates to educate, inform, and inspire readers about the role of the nonprofit sector in Texas. The templates can be easily customized to include quotes from your own leaders and board members, information specific to your organization and your region, or reference to issues or events recently in the news.

Press Release Template

Op-Ed Template

e-Newsletter Template

Targeted Audience One-Pagers

Share findings about the economic impact of Texas’ nonprofit sector with nonprofit leaders (i.e. funders, executives and board members), business/corporate leaders, and elected officials and policymakers to garner attention and strategically engage various stakeholders with the report and its proposed solutions.

For Nonprofit & Philanthropic Leaders

For Business Leaders

For Elected Officials & Policymakers

Social Media

Share findings about the economic impact of Texas’ nonprofit sector with your audience on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Use these downloadable graphics and pre-written findings as written, or use them as a starting point for your own ideas. Please use the following hashtags and link directly to the full report at


#WeAreBuiltForTexas | #ImpactingTexas

#TexasNonprofits | #TexasUnited



Sample Facebook/LinkedIn Posts

  • Texas nonprofits are truly “Built for Texas”: we build opportunity, we build leadership, and we build stronger communities across the state.
  • A new report shows there are 106,764 Texas nonprofit organizations working in the Lone Star State to serve Texans and make our home a better place to live!
  • The nonprofit sector is an eminently Texan approach with local voices, local knowledge, local values, local leadership, and local solutions driving community building efforts.
  • Texas nonprofits are often more nimble and cost-effective in responding to community needs as they are able to leverage significant volunteer hours and private donations – something no other sector can do!


Sample Tweets

  • New study from @UWTexas shows #TexasNonprofits are #BuiltForTexas communities!
  • #TexasNonprofits add value to our state, economy, and more. Learn just how much at


Sample Facebook/LinkedIn Posts

  • With 1.4 million employees and nonprofits contributing to every one of Texas’ major industries, nonprofits have a significant influence on local
    economies. #WeAreBuiltforTexas
  • #TexasNonprofits drive $110 billion toward Texas’ GDP. Find other economic impacts at
  • What is the economic impact of Texas’ nonprofit sector? It’s a complex question with surprising answers. Learn more from recent report #BuiltforTexas

Sample Tweets

  • The economic benefits from Texas nonprofits include $1 out of every $16 #ImpactingTexas
  • 1 in 8 Texas (private) jobs are in or tied directly to #TexasNonprofit sector
  • The total value of assets of reporting Texas nonprofit organizations was over $300 billion
  • #TexasNonprofits are economic drivers attracting millions of dollars #WeAreBuiltforTexas


Sample Facebook/LinkedIn Posts

  • #TexasNonprofits move beyond ‘charity’ and have the ability to experiment and innovate, finding solutions to pressing social problems in every community in Texas
  • Working together with business, government, #TexasNonprofits #WeAreBuiltforTexas
  • The state contracts with more than 100,000 nonprofits annually #ImpactingTexas


Sample Tweets

  • #TexasNonprofits are critical partners with government & business to ensure prosperity and vitality #WeAreBuiltforTexas
  • 106,764 #TexasNonprofits added $110 billion to #TX economy in 2018! Learn more

The research for Built for Texas provides an economic estimate of the vast contribution Texas nonprofits make to the lives of Texans and to the continuing prosperity of our state. The report’s economic analysis was conducted by The Perryman Group in collaboration with the Center for Nonprofits and Philanthropy at the Bush School at Texas A&M University. Funding and strategic direction was provided by The Meadows Foundation, OneStar, the RGK Center for Philanthropy and Community Service at the LBJ School at The University of Texas at Austin, and United Ways of Texas.

This report and related sector engagement work is made possible by a group of funding and research partners dedicated to the idea that strong nonprofits make strong communities:

Special thanks to Erica Ekwurzel, consultant and writer, and Karli Isiyel, designer.